Frequently asked questions are listed below including their answers, if you have any other question make a comment below.

Q # 1 – How To Download Files From PirateCity ?

Answer : Watch & Follow Video Tutorial.

Q # 2 – Crack , Patch , Activator Or Loader is Being Detected As Virus By Anti-Virus Software?

Answer : cracks , patches , activators or loaders can be detected as false positive (virus), a false positive virus detection is any normal or expected behavior that is identified as anomalous or malicious.So you should disable your antivirus software for a while or exclude that file path from antivirus detection.

Q # 3 – Can i Update Software After Applying Crack Patch Or Activator ?

Answer : If simple cracked (.exe) is applied then there is 99% chance you’ll loose your activation status so it is not recommended & you should not do so, but in-case if patch or activator is also built for upcoming builds of a software then you can but you’ll have to apply patch or activator again (After Upgradation)!

Q # 4 – How To Block Internet Access of a Software via Firewall ?

Answer : Watch And Follow Video Tutorial.

Q # 5 – Why there are lot of ads on this website ?

Hosting a website having this kind of traffic can be expensive that’s why we have to put ads on site, and we are not forcing ads you can use adblock extension or software to block our ads, but it is not recommended, you should support us by turning of your adfilters.